What time? In business we call it goal setting time. In our personal lives we call them “new year’s resolutions”.

Here’s how Webster’s defines each of these:

Resolution: “to make a definite and serious decision to do something”

Goal: “something that you are trying to do or achieve”

Hmm, resolution sounds much more committed and yet, the common lore is resolutions are broken soon after made. Why is that?

Here’s the process most follow for business goals:

  • we set goals for the period
  • we prioritize the goals and choose the most important to focus on
  • we identify the steps we, and our team, need to take to get there
  • we identify the dependencies that exist and order the process accordingly
  • we establish monitoring systems and milestones, so we know how we are progressing toward the goal

In short, for business goals we have a process and for those who follow the process, results follow.

In my experience, working with business leaders, some follow a similar process for personal goals and many do not.

I wonder what has to change in our mindset for us to begin to treat personal goals or resolutions as “definite and serious” with the same level of importance as we do our business goals?

For some, it is a health scare that reminds us that life is short and our families depend on us.

Is that really the only way to get from here to there?

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Elisa K. Spain


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