Client Testimonials



Jeffrey R. Lefebvre

While I have many “advisors” who willingly give me their advice, most of them are personal or professional colleagues that sometimes do not ask the hard question, or probe to the next level. Nor do they have a solid methodology for discovering what is important to me and designing my next phase. And of course, they also are not Masters of the dialogue process like you are. The initial results of my Pivot are excellent. I feel I have much greater clarity regarding the next 3-5 years. And I have much more motivation given my new-found focus. Thanks for your excellent counsel!!

Rick Landuyt

“When an entrepreneur makes the decision to exit their business, they are embarking on two journeys: leaving their business, hopefully in great hands, and entering the next chapter(s) of their life. Navigating through all of the details filled with financial and emotional decisions can be tough to get through. For me, having Elisa, an executive life coach with experience helping CEOs through this process, made the whole process rewarding and relatively stress-free. I am very grateful for all her insights and ability in allowing me to discover and execute what was best for me.”


John Yerger

“Career and life planning are more important than ever and can’t wait until ‘later’. Elisa listens and asks you important questions to help you identify and develop your unique skills and passions as you navigate the phases of your career and life.  Of course, life and careers don’t follow a prescribed path; her You Pivot™ program has helped me and many others plot this pathway while remaining flexible and adjusting along the way.”




Laura Ellis

“Few individuals have the ability to so powerfully impact your professional and personal growth like Elisa Spain. Working with her has transformed me in countless ways. I advanced from sales manager to division president and now spend far more time working on the strategy, growth, and development of my business, and far less time working on what’s perceived as the “urgent” issues.  I highly recommend Elisa Spain to any business leader who is looking to break through to new levels of success, both personally and professionally.”


Josh Davidson

“As a founder recently exiting my business, I found myself at a crossroads of decisions on what to do next. Elisa’s pragmatic approach of reflection and constructive discussions helped guide me through the process and helped me understand how to think about my next steps. Her pointed yet open-ended questions allowed me to explore my options, and her insights greatly aided in how I could take action on them.”



Yvette Taylor

When I came into my coaching sessions with Elisa, I was professionally in a place where I was questioning everything. I was disappointed with where I was in my career and honestly a little jaded. Six sessions later, I emerged from my one-on-one time with Elisa with a fresh perspective, renewed energy, and a plan for my future. I learned in my time with Elisa that “to pivot” doesn’t have to mean “to exit.” For me, it means leveraging my perspective, my position, and my power in order to move forward with my purpose!”

Ryan Condon

“As an entrepreneur, I have felt the need to constantly project an image of confidence and passion around my businesses. The reality is that, like everyone else, we have our ups and downs and do not have many people to help us work through and dissect the challenges so that we can continue to grow. Elisa is that person for me.  As a trusted advisor, she has helped to challenge my beliefs, create awareness of the real issues, and assisted in defining the path forward.”

Jessica Fairchild

I connected with Elisa as I transitioned from a lawyer and individual contributor to a business owner and leader. Elisa was able to share invaluable advice, help me move my ideas to action, and act as a sounding board as I embarked on new and critical decisions and strategies for both my career and our business.

She was always flexible as we worked in (and out of) her traditional course materials to address those areas most critical to my transition. Her impact was evident, as those around me noticed and commented upon my ability to focus my decision-making and propel our organization forward. I am certainly thankful for Elisa’s impact on my career and can confirm from experience that she has much guidance to offer others going through a significant career transition.

Russell Smith

“Career transitions are tough, particularly when you haven’t had to look for a job in your entire adult life. Working with Elisa and her You Pivot™ program helped me work my transition in a holistic way, guiding me through an evaluation of my personal and professional goals, desires, and objectives. The result was clarity about what I wanted personally, how my professional life would help me get there, and how to articulate my story concisely and clearly as I transitioned to a new role.”

Maria Kim

“I am a big fan of the phrase, “You can be both a work in progress and a masterpiece all at the same time.” These are words to live by because they hold at once the power of learning and growing and the power of affirming, recognizing, and believing the strength that already exists within. For as long as I’ve known Elisa, she has given me the gift of this tension, and as a result, not only am I stronger for it, but I can fly.”




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Elisa K. Spain, Executive Life Coach & Creator, You PivotTM program