Client Testimonials

Russell Smith

“Career transitions are tough, particularly when you haven’t had to look for a job in your entire adult life. Working with Elisa and her You Pivot program helped me work my transition in a holistic way, guiding me through an evaluation of my personal and professional goals, desires, and objectives. The result was clarity about what I wanted personally, how my professional life would help me get there, and how to articulate my story concisely and clearly as I transitioned to a new role.”

Ryan Condon

“As an entrepreneur, I have felt the need to constantly project an image of confidence and passion around my businesses. The reality is that, like everyone else, we have our ups and downs and do not have many people to help us work through and dissect the challenges so that we can continue to grow. Elisa is that person for me.  As a trusted advisor, she has helped to challenge my beliefs, create awareness of the real issues, and assisted in defining the path forward.”

Laura Ellis

“Few individuals have the ability to so powerfully impact your professional and personal growth like Elisa Spain. Working with her has transformed me in countless ways. I advanced from sales manager to division president and now spend far more time working on the strategy, growth, and development of my business, and far less time working on what’s perceived as the “urgent” issues.  I highly recommend Elisa Spain to any business leader who is looking to break through to new levels of success, both personally and professionally.”

Rick Landuyt

“When an entrepreneur makes the decision to exit their business, they are embarking on two journeys: leaving their business, hopefully in great hands, and entering the next chapter(s) of their life. Navigating through all of the details filled with financial and emotional decisions can be tough to get through. For me, having Elisa, an executive life coach with experience helping CEOs through this process, made the whole process rewarding and relatively stress-free. I am very grateful for all her insights and ability in allowing me to discover and execute what was best for me.”


John Yerger

“As I’ve moved to the next stage of my career, Elisa has been a key source of advice and support – knowing when to push me and when to listen so that I get the results I want. I strongly recommend Elisa to CEOs who want to take themselves and their organizations to another level.”

Kerri Schoonyoung

“Working with Elisa as a business coach has been invaluable. Her insight and approach to coaching is impactful because of her experience across a wide variety of industries. She brings this background to coaching and really provides a 360-degree perspective to business strategy. Elisa encourages me as an entrepreneur , and she also knows the value of honest conversation when needed. Together we’ve asked tough questions, solved complex challenges, and discussed creative strategies.”


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Elisa K. Spain, Executive Life Coach & Creator, You PivotTM program