Inspiring Excellence, One Person At A Time

Leadership Style

  • Direct, high bar of integrity
  • Inspiring, lead by example and with personal stories
  • Seek to understand, listen and question without judgment
  • Challenging and compassionate

Leverage & Legacy

  • Inspire CEOS and executives, one person at a time, to become better leaders and better human beings
  • Enable them to identify their genius, challenge them to become excellent at what they are naturally good at, let go of what they are not, and support them through the transition
  • Influence them to pause and become intentional about the choices they make and the actions they take

Leadership Brand

Ethics bar cannot
be crossed

Transformation of leaders through honest feedback

Strong convictions  – magnet for others

Seek excellence rather than perfection

Leadership Culture

Authenticity – strive to be authentic and transparent every part of your life

Embrace Diversity – embrace others that are different and think differently

Continually raise the bar, challenge the status quo

Willing to be uncomfortable

Lifetime learner – consciously focused on staying current and developing personally and professionally





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Elisa K. Spain, Executive Life Coach & Creator, You PivotTM program