2013 05-26 Ribbon on Finger Stock_000013061976XSmall (1)Once again, I am taking a brief pause from the Leadership Series for the monthly quote. The series will return next week with Leadership View #8.

This month’s leadership quote: 

Most people need repetition more than instruction.

I had a clear reminder of the importance of repetition last month. One of my Vistage members noticed we were neglecting some of the tenants of our group’s Operating Agreement and called it out in a meeting. His noticing led to a rich discussion amongst members of that group, and one of the members said it well: “Just like diet and exercise, we know what to do and sometimes we need a reminder”.

In our busy lives, we are mostly focused on the urgent (hopefully it is the urgent and important). If we want to pay attention to the Important, Non-Urgent issues in our lives, we need reminders. Whether it is our Vision, our Mission or Operating Agreements that we share with our teams, or the commitments that we make to our spouses, life partners or family; we all need that repetition to keep us focused.

As a reminder,

Most people need repetition more than instruction.

What do each of us need reminding of today?

Elisa K. Spain

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  • Mary Hoffman

    My reminder most recently was to be kind to others, even those who treat you unkind, as it is almost never clear what type of day they are having or what they are going through. It could just be our kindness that brightens their day. This reminder has shown up in my personal adn professional life and is a gentle reminder to always be human!

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