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Every professional athlete and every famous performer has a coach. You may be surprised to learn that so does every successful CEO, whether that CEO is leading a Fortune 500 company or a privately held company.

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The Vistage CEO board I lead seeks interesting people who lead interesting businesses. Members are in various phases of this journey and all share the following core values:

  • Authenticity –Strive to be my authentic self in every part of my life
  • Diversity – Embrace people that are different and think differently from me
  • Lifetime Learner – Focused on personal and professional development

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Latest Blog Posts

A couple of weeks ago Vistage published its National Confidence Index Results.  Below is a report comparing the Chicago area to the nation.  Not surprisingly, Chicago business leaders are a bit more pessimistic.

And yet, a recent report from ITR Economics Housing: 6 Signs of a Better Year Ahead offers a contrarian point of view.  Perhaps the message is, monitor your industry and your business, capitalize on opportunities and accumulate cash so when you want to invest you can.

Here is the Chicago Area Survey Highlights:


  • 12% of CEOs thought the national economy had improved in the past year (vs. 21%nationally)
  • 4% of CEOs expect the economy to improve in the year ahead (vs. 12% nationally)


  • 56% of CEOs expect to increase revenue in the year ahead (vs. 61% nationally)
  • 44% of CEOs expect rising profits in the year ahead (vs. 51%nationally)


  • 35% of CEOs expect to increase investments in the year ahead (vs. 37% nationally)
  • 50% of CEOs plan to expand their workforce in the next year(vs. 57% nationally)

For the full report click here.