Last week, after 95 years of life, my wise, beautiful mother died.  Her last years were difficult ones and at the beginning of those difficult times, 15 years ago, my dear friend for whom my mother was a mentor, encouraged me to write this. Reading this at this time is a wonderful reminder of the legacy she left. Sharing it in the hope that you will find a kernel of wisdom for your own life.

Be responsible and reliable

Be organized and efficient

Get things done, do it now

Things are just that, and can be replaced

Take care of yourself

Always try to look your best

Keep yourself and your home clean and neat

Having class and having money are not the same

Save the pennies, so you can spend the dollars

Enjoy beautiful things

Presentation is important

Appreciate and choose quality

Good manners; you never know when you might meet the Queen

Good food is an important part of life

Respect another’s privacy

Determination and independence

Don’t be afraid to take risks, when your number’s up, its up

Confidence and courage to try new things

Be there for your life partner, s/he is #1 in your life

It is better to have a few good friends, than many acquaintances

Be a good friend

Why Vistage Works

Elisa K. Spain

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