Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I love this holiday because it is celebrated by all Americans, regardless of their backgrounds, affiliations or preferences.

While the “thanks” part of Thanksgiving is so meaningful, the “giving” part is equally so. To celebrate the giving part, a delightful tradition, called #GivingTuesday, takes place on November 28th.

Last year, many of you made #GivingTuesday an incredible success for Cara, a mission I am passionate about. What began as a humble effort four years ago, to raise $10,000 with a $5,000 challenge grant, grew to over $60,000 last year. I am grateful for your support.

Inspired by last year’s success, we took a deep breath, asked others to join us, (myself, Kevin Krak, Vistage Member and CEO of Gallant Building Solutions, Amanda and Benjamin Wilson and The Coleman Foundation), and set our most ambitious goal ever, a $100,000 Giving Tuesday Grant. We will match nearly every dollar of the first $50,000 raised.

My relationship with Cara began several years ago when a friend invited me to experience Morning Motivations. I discovered on this day how similar Vistage’s mission, of increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEOs and Executives, is to Cara’s mission for its students. We’re both about uncovering the leader within and inviting them to become their best selves. Cara does it by unlocking hope and opportunity. Or as I have become fond of saying “Cara not only ‘teaches a man to fish’, they provide the pole”.

In addition to coaching Maria Kim, Cara CEO, and member of Vistage, for the first time this year, I have had the opportunity to coach and mentor a Cara student named Kyle. Last month, I wrote about Kyle and one of Cara’s many successful graduates in a blog titled Perspective. Kyle is a highly educated, Princeton undergraduate and NYU MBA, and had a stellar career until his life fell apart and he was lucky enough to find Cara.

Through my work with Kyle, I am discovering firsthand how Cara transforms lives. And the beautiful part is, Cara’s job and life skills training works for anyone who is motivated to achieve the results they want. In Kyle’s words:

This community has changed my life, loved me and shown me I still have value to offer, despite my mistakes. I now believe the person who is on this resume is still me; and I am going out on my own, standing on the foundation that Cara built”.

Like all well run Vistage companies, Cara measures their performance. They produce hundreds of jobs each year, at retention rates over 20 points higher than national norms. They also produce a profound $6.2 million annual social impact and a 597% social return on investment.

Would you consider making a donation this year for #GivingTuesday? Your gift will be matched, and you’ll be helping a motivated person get back to work.

Click Here to give today and your gift will go twice as far. (Don’t let the name fool you; we’re accepting donations today through November 28th).

Thank you in advance for joining us for a Giving Tuesday donation to the Cara Program, or to the social purpose organization of your choice.

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