Last week I wrote about healthy body, healthy mind = healthy business. One of my readers reminded me, there is a corollary. While, the CEO’s health can and does impact the business, what happens when the business faces market forces and impacts the health of the CEO?

On the one hand, what happens when the market cycle is a down cycle?

While we all would like to believe we can separate ourselves from what is happening to us, we know that, at least for most of us, that isn’t so. Losses in our life affect our well-being. And, business losses, which are part of our lives, can impact our sense of well-being and therefore our health.

On the flip side, what about when things are consistently good for an extended period of time? Do we become complacent, or what I call the “fat cat” syndrome? Life is good, so why not enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. And, when does enjoyment become a negative health factor?

Here’s the story of the reader who contacted me…

  •  Each time his business hits a tough cycle, competitors have gone out, his company dipped and then survived and then thrived each time – with new achievements. And, at the same time, while his well-being was impacted, feeling depressed, losing weight, he continued to focus on health and fitness. My sense is, his business recovery has consistently outperformed because he continued to take care of his mental and physical hygiene, even when things looked their bleakest.
  • And then when things are on an upswing, he began to relax; life feels good, he feels good. He continues to work out, and finds himself eating, traveling, enjoying more and gaining weight. Again, he is mindful of this result and once again begins to focus on health and hygiene.

I am grateful to this reader for reminding me that maintaining our mental and physical health is a balancing act that ebbs and flows, and to be mindful of the impact of both ups and downs.

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