It Only Takes A Moment…

It Only Takes A Moment…

2013-10-20 Good Job iStock_000012669753XSmallAppreciation as a leadership action. As leaders, we focus on big things so naturally when it comes to appreciation, we think big; the sales contest, the celebration parties, etc. As humans, we most value specific appreciation that is directed just to us. And, most of us find it difficult to do this. We celebrate the team, we complement the team, yet we rarely notice and communicate with simple appreciative words, a carefully selected card or a note selected just for one person.

Here’s an example:

Instead of, “you did a good job on the status report”; why not say, “You did a good job creating the status report this week. I like that it was succinct and included the due dates. It helped me see what was pending and how much was due at the same time”.

The great thing about it, this simple appreciation doesn’t take any planning and costs nothing. It only takes a moment and can be done in the moment.

Who will you give a specific appreciation to today?

Elisa K. Spain