Every generation has its world changing vs. world destroying technology.

  • In the 1800’s, it was the train. People genuinely believed that going that quickly would kill you in gruesome ways, such as your body melting.
  • In the 1960’s, we were told getting too close to a television or a microwave oven would give us cancer. More recently this same concern has arisen about mobile phones.
  • In the 1990’s, when Dolly the sheep was cloned, we became convinced that human cloning was months away.

The new battle is over Artificial Intelligence. Will it change the world as Mark Zuckerberg believes or will it destroy the world as Elon Musk believes?

As with previous inventions, AI will offer opportunities we can only dream of today. At the same time, prudence and regulation will be required as Musk suggests.

One thing that is certain, no matter who believes what or what the dangers are, AI is happening. And, those who figure out how to enhance their businesses by using AI, will be the beneficiaries.

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