As the baby boomer population ages, rarely does a day go by without several news articles about how to stay fit, keep your brain active, and stave off the ills of aging. At the same time, millennials are also aging and entering middle age.

Speaking of middle age, my doctor says we are middle-aged until 85.  

So what does all this mean?

  • Does it mean the middle part of life is longer? 
  • Or does it mean the later part of life is longer? 
  • How much is choice? How much is dictated by genetics and health?
  • Does this mean we continue our careers longer? Or do we change careers in mid-middle age or early middle age? Or do we choose an encore career or an encore life?
  • What about retirement? Is it still an option for most people? Is it a privilege, a desire, or a destiny without choice? 

I suspect the answer to all these questions is “It depends.” At the same time, it might be worth pausing to ask ourselves these questions. 

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