i2013 07-28 Owl Stock_000002106217XSmallThis month’s leadership quote: 

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

 — William Jones

How many times do we notice something, point it out and then regret it later, wishing we had kept quiet. In our quest for excellence, sometimes we forget that perfection and excellence are not the same. Excellence sometimes is simply knowing what to accept as good enough and what to overlook.

Here’s an idea…

Today, instead of looking around your office, your plant, or the long to-do list and noticing what is missing:

  • What if you, instead, noticed a critical item that is working and gave someone specific positive feedback?
  • And, decided to overlook something less important, that may not be exactly what you wanted, but is really good enough?

Elisa K. Spain


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