This month’s leadership quote:  “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.”

Boaz Rauchwerger, Vistage speaker, attributes this quote to his Mom in his December 5, 2011 newsletter.  The point, she says, is to be excellent at everything.

For me, as a leadership coach, this quote raises broader leadership questions:

  • Is the way I do everything, the same regardless of who I am doing it for or with?
  • Is the way I do everything, the same when I am doing it alone or when someone is watching?
  • Does “doing” include how I treat people along the way to achieving excellence; the old question, is the outcome what counts or is it the process?
  • Is the way I am perceived as doing everything as a leader, the way I want to be perceived?
  • As the leader, how does the way I do anything impact the culture of my business?

Elisa K. Spain

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