Most of us think of a bad boss as one who explodes, intimidates and otherwise behaves badly. The reality is this type of bad boss represents less than 20% of the behavior that actually defines the worst bosses (based on research conducted by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman). For the full results of Zenger and Folkman’s findings, click here.

The more common “bad boss” shows up in one the following ways (in order of most to least fatal):

  1. Failure to inspire.
  2. Acceptance of mediocre performance.
  3. Lack of clear vision and direction.
  4. An inability to collaborate.
  5. Failure to walk the talk.
  6. Failure to improve and learn from mistakes.
  7. Inability to lead change or innovate owing to a resistance to new ideas.
  8. Failure to develop others.
  9. Inept interpersonal skills.
  10. Bad judgement – leading to poor decision.
In short, even if we are kind and soft spoken; if we aren’t demonstrating leadership, we are not good bosses.
Vistage members know this and that is why they join. As you read through the list and the accompanying article, I encourage you to ask yourself:
  • Which qualities on the list do I excel at?
  • How might I become a better boss by focusing on #6?



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