When I watched this Brian Westbury video, The Triple Mandate, I was struck by the fact that several years into the current recovery, many business owners and investors are still worried. Understandable. The Great Recession took its toll on both our economy and our psyche.  The memory, while distant, is still fresh.

Yet, what struck me listening to Brian’s view about gradually rising rates, and an undervalued stock market; in short, his optimistic view, was how many business owners and investors, relying on emotion, may be missing opportunities.

Some questions to consider:

  • When has your attitude, either optimistic or pessimistic, caused you to miss an opportunity? Or conversely, saved you from a loss?
  • When making investment decisions, when do you follow the data vs. rely on your instinct?
  • Is the answer to question 1 different when it comes to making investments in your business (either human capital or equipment) vs. investments in securities?


Elisa K. Spain

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