Do You Have A Business Owner Or Executive Client Considering A Transition?

Perhaps you have a client who is contemplating exiting their company or selling their business. What about the human side of this equation? Does your client know what they are going to do next?

“When an entrepreneur decides to exit their business, they are embarking on two journeys: leaving their business, hopefully in great hands, and entering the next chapter(s) of their life. Navigating through all of the details filled with financial and emotional decisions can be tough to get through. For me, having Elisa, an executive life coach with experience helping CEOs through this process, made the whole process rewarding and relatively stress-free. I am very grateful for all her insights and ability in allowing me to discover and execute what was best for me.” You Pivot™ Client

Careers like software require updates to keep them fresh. Just as with software, Version 1.0, while it works, is just the beginning. There comes a time when the current version requires an update, when it is time for a pivot. Your client may have already begun a move toward 2.5 or may already be in Version 2.5 and are looking toward 3.0.


Why The You Pivot Program?

The You Pivot™ Program is for business owners who are contemplating or have recently sold their businesses and executives in transition from one role to another or considering an exit. These individuals need strategic clarity to design what’s next.

You Pivot™ is a three-part program that guides your clients through their next transition, helping them discover answers and move toward action – seamlessly and effectively.


 How to Tell If A Client Of Yours Is Ready For A Pivot:

  • Have they recently made an executive pivot? Perhaps they moved into a CEO, President, or senior leadership role for the first time and want to learn how to work with a board and navigate the politics of their new role?
  • Have they been satisfied and gratified by their work and have begun to say otherwise?
  • Have they begun talking about a future exit? 


If The Answer To Any Of The Above Is Yes, It May Be Time To Probe With These Queries:

  • What has changed for you? 
  • What would need to happen for you to feel fulfilled by your work?
  • Do you know what you want/need to do next? Have you thought about how you might get from here to there? 
  • What’s holding you back?
  • Are you open to taking both a personal and professional journey and exploration?


Why As A Chair Do I Care? How Does Your Program Help Me and My Clients?

When your member is in a transition and unsure of what is next, they can benefit from a coach specializing in transition.  If they are selling their business, they may start another and return to Vistage. If they are an executive, they may remain a Vistage member during their transition or return once they have landed.

Recently a chair friend of mine referred a long-time member whose company was sold.  As is often the case, the new owners brought in their own management team, and he received a package.  He left her group, but they kept in touch. After spending eight months unsure what to do, we began working together, and by the time he completed his tomorrow story, he had three job offers.  Because of our Vistage connection, we discussed rejoining his Vistage group as part of his tomorrow story, including negotiating for payment in his new contract. He now has a leadership position he loves and is back in Vistage.

Additionally, when people are in transition, they need both a financial advisor and a transition coach. I spent the first half of my career in financial services, including a brief stint as an investment advisor; the second half as an executive coach and Vistage chair. These experiences, combined with my own life and career pivots, make me uniquely qualified to work with people in career transition. I can work with their investment advisor (refer them to one if needed), and I can speak the language of finance, including reminding them that their financial plan is key to a successful pivot.



You Pivot™ Program is $6,600, including the You Pivot™ Workbook, six one-to sessions, and full access to a customized client portal*. Pricing for advisors is as follows:

  • 2 or fewer clients in a 12-month period – 10% discount or referral fee per client
  • 3-5 clients in a 12-month period -15% discount or referral fee per client

*Following completion of the You Pivot™ Program, clients may choose to engage in Master Your Pivot™ to reinforce the plan they have created for themselves.