In my work with CEOs and senior executives in my YOU PIVOT™ Program, I ask them to begin by telling me the story of who they are today. Then, I ask them to consider and share what matters most to them.

Only then, when they have clarity on their today story and what matters, I ask them to craft their vision for the next version of their life and career. I ask my clients to write this vision in story form. It’s hard to write a story about ourselves. For me, I find that just the act of thinking about the story, perhaps writing some notes about it, is a helpful way to get started.

I am a big fan of Steve Covey’s Seven Habits, and one of my favorites is, Begin with the end in mind. That said, without a good understanding of where we are today, how that is working or not working for us, it is impossible to craft a future vision in the context of what matters. So, we begin with the end in mind, AND we examine the life we are currently living so we can notice what is in our path and perhaps blocking our way.

  • Who are you? What matters to you?
  • What version of your life and career are you in?
  • What is your tomorrow story?
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