One of my hobbies is discovering apps that simplify business and life. I was telling a friend about this recently, and she suggested I start sharing these apps in my blogs. So, here goes the first one. My goal is to share one each month.

Trello – Organize anything!

Trello is a visual tool for organizing work and life. Recently when one of my fellow Vistage chairs shared his Trello board with me. All in one place he had everything he has collected on the topic of goal setting, including speakers, podcasts, videos, books, exercises, blogs, etc.

This got me thinking, how might I use this app? The cool thing about Trello vs. a list or excel is the visual nature of it.  It’s ideal for simple projects or to use as a simple database. It’s easy to create cards within a list, within a topic, and it’s easy to “see” these items in a way that is appealing and easy to sort with drag and drop. You can effortlessly share your boards and collaborate with other users; you can forward emails to your boards, and add photos and videos for reference.

Here are some examples of how I am using it so far:

  • My husband and I are planning a trip to Asia this fall.  I am using Trello to keep track of our confirms, tours, and activities.
  • I am working on a business idea with a partner. We are using Trello to collaborate on our business design and critical actions.
  • I am using Trello to keep track of favorite speakers and Ted Talks as well as the ones I want to listen to.
  • It’s a great place to track my workouts by creating a database of all my exercises. I can then build a daily plan using the master database. And, within each card, I can make notes of settings, weights, time, etc.

What needs organizing in your life that Trello could simplify?

Elisa K Spain

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