Nothing Wasted: Making the Most of “Down” TimeWhen I read this blogpost from Seth Godin today, it made me pause and think. And, as always, ask myself some questions.

What if we followed his advice? What would be the outcome of creative contribution to our lives?

When was the last time you wasted time? When you were “wasting time,” did you feel joyful and creative, or — if you’re like me, did you feel even a tiny bit guilty for “being unproductive?” How much better might it have been, how much more would you have enjoyed your time — how much more would you have gotten out of it — if you didn’t feel guilty about it or feel the need to explain it?

Here’s the full post from Seth: Wasting time is not a waste

Here’s a fact: wasting time is a key part of our lives.

However, wasting time poorly is a sin (or whichever word you prefer), because not only are you forgoing the productivity, generosity and art that comes from work, but you’re also giving up the downtime, experimentation and joy that comes from wasting time.

If you’re going to waste time (and I hope you will) the least you can do is do it well and find inspiration in it.

Elisa K. Spain

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