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Darrell Jackson, CEO, Seaway BankWhat has been the ROI from membership in Vistage?

The value is twofold, First, Vistage creates an environment that allows me to become more self aware, to identify my strengths and notice areas of development.  Membership in Vistage has provided insight into my leadership style –  allowing me to become more vulnerable and accountable in ways I wasn’t before. I have become a more effective leader.

Soon after joining Vistage, I sponsored members of my executive team in Vistage Key Groups and then ultimately developed a Vistage Inside Program.  These programs enabled me to accelerate the development of my leadership team –and watch these leaders grow and develop before my eyes. In the worst economic period, these leaders  delivered double digit revenue and earnings growth – a direct result of the confidence and leadership skill they learned in Vistage.

What makes Group 3361 unique and inspires you to continue to make the time to be a member?

pquote4Our diversity is a big factor – from the very beginning we have been intentional about diversity. Not just of gender, race – we have professional managers and founders, presidents of family businesses, we reached out and added a not for profit. Ownership comes in all flavors – publically traded and privately held, single shareholders to multiple partners. Members come from everywhere – rural, city, suburbs, north shore, and humble beginnings – leading businesses of all sizes.

I was the first member of 3361 and have watched us grow as a group of leaders. I learn from everyone in the group. Today I need those perspectives, more than ever as I tackle the biggest challenge of my career.







While still in high school, begins his “banking career” in the mailroom at SouthShore Bank, a mission driven bank where he learned the value and importance of supporting the local community.


Joined Harris Bank’s Credit Training Program. Soon after joined Northern Trust.


Promoted to President, West Region Northern Trust Company.


Looking for a mastermind group and an executive coach, joins Vistage.


Promoted to President, Illinois Wealth Management, Northern Trust Company.


Back to his roots in community banking as CEO of Seaway Bank, where he is breathing new life into this iconic south side bank.


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