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When did you know you needed a group like Vistage?

I am a serial entrepreneur.  At some point, I knew that I had not had enough training – any training – on how to run a business. I found myself digging through my wife’s MBA books.  There was some helpful information, but I needed more practical lessons, the kind you don’t learn by reading or in a classroom.  Really, I needed peer support.

What has been the ROI from membership in Vistage 3361?

I’m really working on culture at my company. It’s a softer issue but a critically important one.  I have a greater understanding of how to achieve the culture I want, and importantly, how to maintain it – how to keep enthusiasm as you grow. We have transitioned from a young entrepreneurial operation with me at the center to a company led by professional mangers with Fortune 100 backgrounds. Together we are taking the benefits of a corporate structure and putting them into a fun entrepreneurial environment. Vistage has supported me through this important transition.

What effects have you seen in yourself as a leader and a person over time?

pquote3The biggest lesson for me is that I have learned how to work through other people. As a startup you have to do everything because there is no one else. Eventually, as you grow, you morph into managing others.  That transition is huge.  Vistage has helped me stay out of the day-to-day and really lead others.  It has transformed me from a doer to a leader.

What makes Group 3361 unique and inspires you to continue to make the time to be a member?

I have been in three different Vistage groups. They all have their own personality. The Chair really sets the tone. One was not very functional for me – low accountability, full of general business discussions and networking.  Group 3361 is more of a working peer group. They hold you to what you say you’re going to do and the variety of perspective is amazing.  Members come at the same issue so many different ways.  It’s really inspirational to see that play out.



Landuyt joins Vistage.



Landuyt launches fourth company,
RF Ideas, a manufacturer of key card readers.


Landuyt sells third company.



Firm struggles to find the market, changes its focus to improve bottom line.



Through work with Group 3361, realizes need to build culture at RF Ideas and introduce professional management team. Begins process of hiring Fortune 100 professionals.


Successfully integrating Fortune 100 managers into entrepreneurial environment, defining unique RF Ideas culture with intentionality.  Continues to see benefits of Vistage membership.

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