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What has been the ROI from membership in Vistage?

The collaborative process that happens within Vistage has been incredibly valuable. I’m an engineer by training, so a lot of my methodology involves trial and error and experimentation.  Our group is made up of more than a dozen people from varied industries, levels of experience, and firm sizes. To be sitting with people who understand the unique challenges of the CEO seat and learn from their experiments has greatly accelerated my own growth and experimentation process.  I am able to add ingredients from so many different people to create my own recipe for success. For example, I had a financial issue that I had been working on for two years.  I brought it to the group and within five minutes someone offered a perspective that solved the puzzle – from outside my industry.  I never would have gotten there without their help, and I never would have had access to an outside perspective in such a trusted environment without Vistage.

What makes Group 3361 unique and inspires you to continue to make the time to be a member?

Group 3361 has been transformational for me. The diversity of the group is fantastic.  There are lots of different sectors, personalities, and companies represented that range from a few million to $200 million in revenue.

It’s not for everybody – its not a social club, it’s a place where we get real work done.  But if you are ready to transform as a leader and are ready to be honest, authentic, open, giving, receiving, and accountable to a group of accomplished peers, you will not find a better experience anywhere out there.” Also, the Group 3361 Chair, Elisa Spain, is spectacular.  She is the best chair I have been involved with, and is hands down is one of the reasons I stay involved and get so much from the experience.  As long as she’s there, I’m there.





Civil engineer with Fortune 500 experience, Krak joins Gallant Building Solutions as project manager. Firm generates $2M annually.



Assumes role of President.



Stretched to meet the demands of new role; joins Vistage. “My management style of brute force and having my arms around everything was no longer working.  I needed a group of peers who understood the unique responsibilities and level of accountability a CEO takes on, and who could provide support as I grappled with the isolation of the role.”


Leads company to $70M+ in annual revenue.




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