Business & Life Coaching

Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.

— Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt, Watch their 1:25 Ted Talk

Why Work With Elisa

I work with successful people who want to become more successful. And, even successful people sometimes feel stuck. At some point in time, everyone has doubts, questions, even insecurities, wondering what to do or where to go next. Is it time to invest and grow? Is it time to exit? Or is it simply time for a change in focus? Our work together will help you discover the answer that is best for you.

If you are at a career inflection point, perhaps a:

  • Soon-To-Be or Newly Appointed CEO or Business Owner
  • CEO or Business Owner Wanting to Up Your Leadership Game
  • CEO or Business Owner Considering an Exit
  • Executive Pivoting to Entrepreneurship
  • Former Executive Considering Re-Entry

I will work with you to discover your personal genius and achieve the goals you want. My approach is goal-based: your goals, not mine. We begin by defining your time horizon and then agree on the accountability you want during this time period. 

I hold up a mirror and challenge you. Direct feedback is something we all benefit from and, as CEO, something you rarely hear. The leaders I work with frequently tell me that what they value most from our relationship is the opportunity to hear the truth. 

If this resonates for you, let’s work together. Contact me for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Inspiring Action | Achieving Results

Newly Appointed CEO Achieving Her Potential – Newly Appointed CEO, the first time in the C-Suite, first time reporting to a board of directors. We worked together to fast track her learning to build and manage a leadership team, as well as navigate the challenges of having multiple stakeholders to whom she was responsible. Today she is comfortably and confidently leading this international organization.

An Entrepreneur Building a Sustainable, Professionally Managed Business – Successful entrepreneur came to me for coaching when she was considering exiting her business. We realized during our coaching sessions that it wasn’t an exit she was looking for; rather, it was a need to “get out of the weeds.” Today she has the talent in place to operate the business while she focuses on strategy and business development.

A Key Executive Aspiring to the CEO Role – Successful COO wants to develop the capacity to move to the CEO role. When we began working together, he was frustrated that he couldn’t make this happen. He soon realized that it was as much about asking for what he wanted as developing a skill base. Today he is the CEO of a $100M business transforming it from a family business to a multinational professionally managed company.

A Serial Entrepreneur Planning His Last Exit – Serial entrepreneur, as a member of the CEO Advisory Board that I lead, built his last business into a powerhouse. When it came time to exit, what he needed was different than in the past. In addition to navigating the personal aspects of exiting and supporting him in creating a portfolio of post-career activities, I was able to make referrals to the right advisors to maximize the valuation and handle the management of the new wealth. Today he is enjoying his life as an advisor to rising entrepreneurs, a supporter of a social enterprise that matters to him, and spending time with his family.