CEO Peer Advisory Board

Vistage Group 3361 is designed for CEOs and presidents who wish to transform as leaders, positively impact their organizational culture, and are prepared to give themselves up to the group process. The group is comprised of CEOs from various industries, market sectors, and company sizes.


What separates this group from others is the degree of preparedness and accountability that the members bring to each session. Elisa sets the tone for personal and professional growth, creating an environment for the free exchange of ideas, while supporting each member through crucial transitions and leadership challenges. The results speak for themselves, including average compounded annual growth rate for EBITDA of 35.6% since joining 3361. Find out more here.

Following are the members of Group 3361:

David Cottingham
RF IDeas
Company Membership Since: February 2012


Joan Davison
HCMC: Hire Counsel / Mestel Company
Member Since: June 2015




baird-and-warner-logoLaura Ellis
Baird & Warner Residential Sales
Member Since: May 2010
Crain’s Largest Privately Held



Mitch Greenwald
Member Since: November 2015
Best of Breed Cloud Software and Services



RHSKristopher M. Haas
Ralph H. Simpson Co.
Member Since: April 2015


Maria Kim
Company Membership Since: July 2012
Chicago Innovation Award Winner; 20 Best Charities in Chicago

Louis Kocsis
Kocsis Bros. Machine Co.
Kocsis Technologies, Inc.
Member Since: January 2018



Kevin Krak
Gallant Building Solutions
Member Since: July 2004
Crain’s Largest Privately Held


James Kyle
Member Since: May 2015


    2012-2013, 2017-2018


Michael MacLean
KI Industries
Member Since: January 2014



Kathleen McTigue
PediaTrust / SperoMD
Member Since: April 2016



Porter Pipe & SupplyNicholas Porter
Porter Pipe and Supply
Member Since: October 2014

John Yerger
Advanced Diamond Technologies
Member Since: November 2014