You 3.0 – A Tale of Two Transitions

February 9, 2020

Listen to my recent appearance on the ‘On The Brink’ podcast here. As part of my continuing series on transitions to You 3.0, I interviewed Jake to hear his story of two life transitions and what he learned from each. Jake and his partner sold their first company in 1996. He was only 41 at … Read More

With Diversity, Comes Diversity

February 2, 2020

What does this statement even mean? Homogeneous groups have similar backgrounds, preferences and personality styles. Often homogeneous groups are homegrown with few additions from “outside.” Diverse groups, on the other hand, may differ in traditional ways, i.e., gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual preference. Members may also differ in terms of their personality styles and backgrounds. … Read More

App Hacks: Timeshifter

January 19, 2020

Timeshifter is a relatively new app I tried during the Asia trip I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Before going further, a quick reminder, I do not receive compensation for writing these App Hacks, and I do not have any relationship whatsoever with the companies that make them. I write these blogs simply … Read More

Q4 2019 Vistage CEO Confidence Index

January 12, 2020

Optimism Recovers MidYear Losses Confidence among CEOs in the Q4 2019 survey regained the losses in the prior two quarters to end the year at the same favorable level as at the beginning of 2019. The Vistage CEO Confidence Index was 91.5 in Q4 2019, up 7.7% from the prior quarter and nearly equal to … Read More

Gratitude for Clean Toilets that Flush

January 5, 2020

I spent most of December in Vietnam and Cambodia, an experience that had a profound impact I am still processing. We were fortunate to find a Hanoi based travel agent who created a truly local experience. While we stayed in fine hotels, most of which had all the features of western hotels, the rest of … Read More

Tuesday Is Giving Tuesday

December 1, 2019

Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, a special day to recognize the giving part of Thanks-Giving. It is a day dedicated to giving back. On Giving Tuesday, nonprofits, families, businesses, and students around the world come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. Many of you know about my passion for Cara Chicago a … Read More


November 24, 2019

Thursday is Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday because it is celebrated by all Americans, regardless of their backgrounds. While the “thanks” part of Thanksgiving is so meaningful, the “giving” part is equally so. To celebrate the giving part, a delightful tradition, called Giving Tuesday, takes place on December 3rd. It is a day dedicated to giving back. … Read More