You 3.0 – A Man With A Plan

April 19, 2020

Listen to my recent appearance on the ‘On The Brink’ podcast here. You 3.0 has become a monthly feature of this blog. While most of us continue to shelter in place, I asked myself if I should pause these stories and decided they are as relevant now as ever. And, perhaps hearing others’ stories may … Read More

Gratitude For The Light

April 12, 2020

Dear Readers, As most of you know, I lead a CEO Advisory Board in affiliation with Vistage International. My clients meet monthly, and before each meeting, we share an update of our lives since we last met. Typically, we give a brief overview of significant events in our business and personal lives. With nothing typical at this … Read More

Work Remotely, Are You Kidding Me?

April 5, 2020

This week I am pleased to share this guest blog by Andrea Simon, Corporate Anthropologist. These times are presenting us with a new world where most of us are working remotely or, maybe, will be doing so shortly. The pandemic crisis is here, and the best solution is to separate us all. It is an … Read More

It’s Tough To Be A Leader At A Time Like This

March 24, 2020

II received two wonderfully inspiring leadership notes last week, and I decided I couldn’t wait until Sunday to share them. Thank you, Joan and Ozzie, for reminding us of the responsibilities we have as leaders in difficult times and how hard it is. From, Joan Davison, a member of my Vistage Peer Advisory Board: 17 … Read More

App Hacks: Slack, A Tool For Now

March 22, 2020

In these challenging times, we are all looking for ways to be in contact effectively with our teams. I lead a peer advisory board of CEOs, and Slack has been a godsend for us.   At the suggestion of one of our members, we started using Slack back in January, so we were already set up … Read More

Oops, I Was Thinking Out Loud

March 15, 2020

How often have we said this to ourselves and discovered unintended consequences? As leaders, we know that others are always watching what we do and listening and reacting to what we say. And, when we are with our office staff, in the factory or the field, most of us are conscious of what we say … Read More

Leaving Ownership, For Now

March 8, 2020

Listen to my recent appearance on the ‘On The Brink’ podcast here. As part of my continuing Transitions to You 3.0 Series, I interviewed Ray to hear his story.   Ray started his career in the large-corporate world, added a couple of gigs with smaller companies, and after a dozen years of working for others, he founded … Read More

Introvert or Extrovert: Who Makes the Better Leader?

February 16, 2020

Extroversion is the dominant style in the United States. As a result, we sometimes confuse leadership with charisma. Yet, research shows that not only are 40%-50% of CEO’s introverts, some of the more “famous” CEOs are also introverts, including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Charles Schwab and Steve Spielberg.  Amongst entrepreneurs, the numbers are higher. Why? … Read More