With all the task managers available, why Todoist?  Here are my top 10 reasons:

10. You can have “sub-projects” within your projects and manage them from the landing page. For example, I have a project called Blogs and within this project, I have sub-projects for each of the upcoming blogs I am working on.

9. Todoist can be used as a simple task list and as a robust project management tool.  While not suitable for complex product development projects, for which true project management software is needed, it works great for most business projects or even family projects.

8. Setting up recurring tasks is flexible, you can choose just about any timeframe.

7. You can filter your tasks. For example,  I have a filter for items assigned “priority 1” and another called “No due date Inbox” so I can check periodically to see if I accidentally created a task without a due date.

6. You can collaborate. Collaborators can assign tasks to each other, and even comment back and forth, thereby eliminating any need for email conversations and the conversation is stored in the task.

5. It is integrated with several other apps making it easy to create a task in Todoist from another app, e.g. if you have an email you want to turn into a  task.

4. One of my favorite features is the ability to type your due date as you are typing the task, much quicker than choosing the due date with a pull-down.

3. The look and feel of the mobile version and the website is the same

2. It intuitive and flexible and has a clean modern interface.

#1 – For all these reasons, Todoist is my life and business management tool.

Elisa K Spain http://elisaspain.com/leadershipcoach/

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