I have used many email clients over the years, and Spark far and away is my favorite. Their marketing slogan is “love your email again”. While I can’t exactly say I love my email since switching to Spark a year or so ago, I no longer find reading it frustrating and overwhelming. Here are five reasons why:

  1. It’s well designed. Customization is available and truly not needed. Most email clients are too complicated, requiring a time investment to optimize their value. Not this one, it works as soon as you install it and it works equally well on a mobile device or computer.
  2. Adding all of your email accounts is a breeze and you can choose to view them, separated by account, all messages combined or by group. And you can make this choice by type of message, e.g., you might want to read general messages by account and newsletters combined.
  3. If you like using inbox-zero, its great for that, it is easy to clear your inbox by swiping messages to archive or read later. And, if you don’t use inbox zero, it doesn’t bug you to clean out your inbox.
  4. If you are a user of either Trello or Todist which I wrote about in previous app hacks, Spark integrates with these. I like to send an email to Todist to add to my task list rather than keep track of that message in my inbox or have it return later with a swipe. (I tend toward inbox-zero, although not 100% because I like using Pins).
  5. One of my favorite features is the Pin. Other email clients have this feature and, I didn’t use them because they weren’t easily accessible and easy to track. Spark Pins are easy. I use them to keep track of pending items, like tickets for events, deliveries, etc.

In summary, Spark makes reading email as good as it can be.