In these challenging times, we are all looking for ways to be in contact effectively with our teams. I lead a peer advisory board of CEOs, and Slack has been a godsend for us.  

At the suggestion of one of our members, we started using Slack back in January, so we were already set up when Covid-19 hit. All we had to do was add a Covid-19 channel to share learnings and have conversations as things change daily. 

Slack is easy to use, setup is quick, and it is way better than trying to keep up with all the emails flying around and then searching for that one you read that is relevant today.

Here is how it works:

  1. Create your group and invite participants.
  2. Create your channels; channels are a way to sort your conversations into relevant topic areas, e.g., my reference above to the Covid-19 channel.
  3. That’s it, start sharing, either with the entire group or with direct private messages to others in your group.

 A couple of things we learned early on that you may find useful:

  1. Make sure to turn on notifications for the channels for which you want to receive alerts when there are new posts.
  2. Set up do not disturb for standard the times you don’t want alerts. You can also link your calendar app so it shows when you away.
  3. Go to preferences and turn on the “Send” button. For some reason, the default is to send your message when you hit return; by adding the “Send” button, you can type a longer message with paragraph breaks. 

That’s it! Slack is that easy to use, and the beautiful thing is, unlike email, you can go back to a channel and quickly find that message you read in passing and that you remembered would be useful to refer to today.

Finally, a quick reminder, I do not receive compensation for writing these App Hacks, and I do not have any relationship whatsoever with the companies that make them. I write these blogs to share hacks I have found useful.

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