I quit reading the newspaper many years ago when I was having trouble getting the paper delivered to my porch and not somewhere in the bushes. Since that time, I’ve tried signing up for daily email news, various online news sources and a few curator/aggregator sites. A couple of years ago I settled on Feedly and its been life changing. Ok, well not exactly life changing, but changing to my news life.

Feedly: organize, read and share what matters to you.

The question I ask myself when considering a new app is, will this make me more efficient and/or more effective? Ideally, I strive for both and Feedly hits the mark.

First, it has significantly reduced the number of emails I have to sort through and try to get to. With one or two exceptions, every news related email I was receiving in the past, now shows up in my Feedly.

Most importantly, I feel better informed and in a more balanced way. I read what I am interested in, not what a news source wants me to read.

Here’s what I like most about Feedly:

  • It allows me to choose the publications I want to read and the topics I want to read about. I have yet to find a magazine, newspaper, blog or content category that isn’t in their database; even the YouTube sites to which I subscribe, I can read in Feedly.
  • It lets me select amongst my news sources and choose my favorites. On a busy day, I can get the highlights I want most. It’s headline news, but I choose the source for the headlines.
  • I can read my “today” list which is a feed of my favorites with today’s date, or, I can choose a publication or topic of interest and read that.
  • Feedly learns what I like, i.e., the stories I click on, thereby bringing me more of the topics and publications I show interest in. — again saving me time by bringing me my favorites when I am pressed for time.
  • If an article resonates for me, I can easily forward it a variety of ways, or if I want to save it, I can send it to Feedly’s “read later ” list or Pocket or another reading management app.
  • When the reading piles up, as is bound to happen, it’s easy to dispense with it by removing anything older than whatever time period I choose.

How might Feedly give you back some much needed time while making you feel informed on the content that interests you?

Elisa K Spain

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