This month’s App Hack is a service I’ve been using for some time called DoodlePoll.

Before I tell you about DoodlePoll, I want to be clear, I do not receive compensation for writing these App Hacks, and I do not have any relationship whatsoever with the companies that make them. I started writing these because friends suggested I share my “hobby” of discovering and using apps with my readers. (Yes, I know, I am a nerd).

For you other App Nerds out there who are looking for ways to save time, here is a bit about DoodlePoll.

DoodlePoll is a scheduling tool designed to simplify the scheduling of multiple people for a single meeting. For this application, it is seamless. You put out the date options, people choose the dates that work for them and voila, DoodlePoll does the rest. Once you have your responses, you select the time that works for the majority, DoodlePoll adds the appointment to your calendar and sends meeting invites to everyone attending. 

And… I discovered an “off label” use for DoodlePoll that is a huge time saver for those of us who need to manage two variables for scheduling, i.e., availability and geography.

I meet with my clients once a month, and I want to group these individual meetings by geography. Folks I know use Timetrade and similar apps for scheduling one-on-one meetings. And, the challenge with these apps is you can’t account for geography. You make your calendar available, and folks pick the times they want. The scheduling is quick and easy, but you could end up with meetings spread out over miles, thus costing rather than saving time.

With this “off label” use of DoodlePoll, I can make dates available, just as with a typical calendar scheduling tool. But, instead of asking my clients to access my calendar, I send them date options, and then once I have responses, I can quickly sort by location and schedule accordingly. The upfront work takes a bit of time, but the result eliminates drive time inefficiencies saving time, reducing stress, and has the bonus of being green.

This app is free for basic use, and for a nominal fee, you can further automate by using the app to sync to your calendar, send the emails, send reminders and track responses.

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