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Throughout my life, I have followed my commitment to excellence. I am an executive life coach. Building on my own professional and personal experience, my coaching approach has evolved from executive coaching to coaching executives in living their full lives. My clients include CEOs and C-suite executives from Inc. 500 companies, Crain’s Fast 50, Chicago Tribune’s Top 100 Workplaces, and Crain’s Largest Privately Held Companies.

I created the YOU PIVOT™ Program as a process that guides my clients through career and life transitions. Understanding that careers, like software, require updates to keep them fresh, this immersive program catalyzes leaders to embrace change, tap into their greatness, and explore a better version of themselves. Whether you are moving from one leadership gig to another; or creating the next version of yourself, the YOU PIVOT™ program provides the framework for the transition.

I have walked in the shoes of the leaders I serve. My experience as a Fortune 500 company executive (Northern Trust), coupled with my successful pivot from the corporate world into entrepreneurship, has shaped my unique perspective. The result is a flexible coaching style that enables me to deliver superior results to achievement-driven CEOs, business owners, and C-Suite executives.

Every Sunday, I publish stories about transitions, including sharing the life lessons from the storytellers I interview. You can read and subscribe to these Sunday Stories here.

In addition to leading the YOU PIVOT™ Program, I am an award-winning Vistage Master Chair leading a CEO peer advisory board for the past fifteen years.