Leadership Quote: You Need to Get to the Future…

September 24, 2017

This month’s leadership quote: “You need to get to the future, ahead of your customers, and be ready to greet them when they arrive.” —Mark Beniodd, CEO Salesforce.com   Why Vistage Works Elisa K. Spain EKSpain

Progress or Apocalypse?

September 17, 2017

Every generation has its world changing vs. world destroying technology. In the 1800’s, it was the train. People genuinely believed that going that quickly would kill you in gruesome ways, such as your body melting. In the 1960’s, we were told getting too close to a television or a microwave oven would give us cancer. More recently this … Read More

Is it Time for a Different Approach to Strategic Planning?

September 10, 2017

This is the time of the year that most companies begin their strategic planning process. While it’s fun to host and participate in an offsite, the end result sadly is often put on a shelf until next year. Mostly the plan is a continuation of the last one, and mostly the plan calls for growth, usually … Read More

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

September 3, 2017

When the first nationally recognized Labor Day was celebrated in 1894, the day consisted of a street parade sending up a message of “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations” (in the words of the AFL). We have come a long way since then. Today most employers focus on offering opportunities … Read More