Leadership Quote: Success Or Significance?

August 31, 2014

This month’s leadership quote: “Success is when you add value to yourself.  Significance is when you add value to others” -John Maxwell I have heard it said, that the time to “give back” is in the later phase of our lives. This quote is a reminder that giving back is really a lifelong habit; a … Read More

The Unrecognized Value of Operational Excellence

August 24, 2014

Strategy and sales are the key to success, right? Well, yes, and no. Yes, they are important and without execution and operational excellence, they don’t matter. As Thomas Edison said so well, vision w/o execution is hallucination.  So how do we get there? The DIME Method (Design, Implement, Monitor & Evaluate)  is a start. And, it’s … Read More

Caution… You are Entering Your Comfort Zone

August 17, 2014

The difference between a good leader and a great leader is the ability to improvise and gently push people out of their comfort zone, so says Vistage Speaker Michael Allosso. In this TED talk, Charlie Todd helps us see the human connection that results from a shared experience — in this case, an absurd shared experience, one … Read More

Are You Prepared To Govern In A Changing World?

August 10, 2014

Arguably the most important ingredient is good governance is having a vision and a strategic plan. I often notice that these plans are based primarily on what is within our control. In short, these plans often consider only internal factors, the SW of the traditional SWOT analysis, while ignoring the OT portion or external factors. … Read More

If You Don't Watch the Numbers, You Don't Have Governance

August 3, 2014

Publicly held  U.S. company governance dictates the requirements for financial reporting and many of these companies give “guidance” as frequently as quarterly. While this approach is sometime criticized as being short-term focused, the important upside is all stakeholders know, at any given time, how the company is performing and can respond accordingly. Privately held companies, … Read More