Leadership Quote: It Is Only As We Develop Others…

March 30, 2014

This month’s leadership quote: “It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.” -Harvey S. Firestone As leaders, we truly have only one job: to develop others. The success of our organizations rests entirely in the hands of the people who build our products and deliver the service to our customers. So, we … Read More

Did I Delegate Or Did I Abdicate?

March 23, 2014

  Here’s a simple test to know if you have delegated or abdicated. At what point in the process will I know if my expectations were met? Hmm… guess that means if my intention is to delegate, I must take the following 5 actions: Clearly outline my expectations Check-in to see if my expectations were … Read More

What If Instead, We Gave Feedback?

March 16, 2014

In my last post, I compared business to dating. Continuing that theme… Another similarity is “absent information, we make stuff up.” In the dating world, if he doesn’t call, we assume all kinds of things. Similarly with a prospect, an employee, a customer, a new connection. And, most of the time when we don’t like … Read More

When Was The Last Time You Went On A Date?

March 9, 2014

  You are probably wondering why I am asking this question and what dating possibly has to do with a leadership blog… Actually, this topic comes up frequently in my coaching sessions. Business it seems, is a lot like dating… So, here are some dating and business best practices I’ve learned along the way: Be … Read More

All That Matters Is Culture

March 2, 2014

The theme in my Vistage CEO and Key Executive Groups for 2014 is “All That Matters is Culture”. Each meeting, the host shares a bit about how this applies in their company. Here are some of the comments I have heard so far… We have a “can-do culture”. When I interview prospective employees, I ask … Read More