Leadership Quote: Be Like Water..

February 23, 2014

                This month’s leadership quote: “Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.” -Bruce Lee When I read this quote at my Vistage Key Executive meeting this month, we had a lively conversation about “what does it mean to be like water?” Here is … Read More

The Queen (Or King) Of Denial

February 16, 2014

There is a country music song entitled Cleopatra, Queen of Denial, recorded in 1993 by Pam Tillis. While the lyrics talk about a love relationship gone wrong (are there any country songs that don’t?), the title stayed with me because it reminds me sometimes of what I see in business. What I observe is that … Read More

Laws Of Success: The Three Secrets…

February 9, 2014

Working with CEOs and senior executives as both a coach and advisory board chair, I have had the opportunity to observe both those that are successful and those with unrealized potential. While their businesses and their personality styles are all different, when I distill it down, those that succeed share the following three traits: Tenacity … Read More

Delivery ALWAYS Matters…

February 2, 2014

When the stakes are high, we prepare. Whether it is a presentation to a large audience or a meeting with a key client or prospective client, we know we will be more successful if we prepare. What exactly does it mean “to prepare”? When aren’t the stakes high? When we focus on content and not … Read More