Leadership Quote: Vision Without Execution…

August 25, 2013

This month’s leadership quote:   Vision without execution is hallucination.  — Thomas A. Edison When leaders focus solely on vision and strategy and not on execution, put simply, nothing gets done. Successful leaders know that a vision is a destination that their team can rally around. They also know that while the vision is their job, it is a … Read More

Given The Opportunity, Create An Experience…

August 18, 2013

Earlier this week, I spent two days with one of Vistage’s top speakers, Tom Searcy. Tom’s workshop is about Hunting Big Sales; What to do to Filter and Win the Big Deals. Filter, as in, know which ones to pursue and then what to do to win. Our members take turns hosting meetings and the … Read More

Oops, I Was Thinking Out Loud…

August 11, 2013

How often have we said this to ourselves and discovered unintended consequences. As leaders we know that others are always watching what we do and listening and reacting to what we say. And, when we are with the folks in the office, in the factory or in the field, most of us are conscious of … Read More

Leadership Development: Not Just For Women

August 4, 2013

Leadership Development: Not Just for Women As part of our leadership development, my Vistage groups frequently select a book to read as a group. Recently, my Vistage Inside group chose the book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Sandburg.   On the day we discussed this book in my group, … Read More