Leadership Quote: Most People Need Repetition

May 26, 2013

Once again, I am taking a brief pause from the Leadership Series for the monthly quote. The series will return next week with Leadership View #8. This month’s leadership quote:  Most people need repetition more than instruction. I had a clear reminder of the importance of repetition last month. One of my Vistage members noticed we … Read More

Leadership View #7: When Merging Or Combining Two Organizations..

May 19, 2013

Leadership View #7: When merging or combining two organizations, it has been estimated that 60% of the people will be relatively indifferent, 20% will be strongly supportive, and 20% will be strongly non-supportive.  Focus on the 20% that are strongly supportive and converting the 60% who are neutral. It is so easy to be drawn … Read More

Leadership View #6: Some Problems Can’t Be “Solved”

May 12, 2013

 Leadership View #6: Some problems can’t be “solved” (and, hopefully, made to go away) – they must be managed and may require the leader’s repetitive attention and time. As leaders and managers, we have been taught to find the root cause and fix the problem. This Leadership View seems to fly in the face of that. … Read More

Leadership View #5: When Leading Change..

May 5, 2013

Leadership View #5: When leading change – get some early wins –this makes change irresistible to those that resist.  Getting these “early wins” may involve changing priorities or sequencing of events. How often do we begin an initiative by setting a goal with a date when everything will be complete? When starting a project we … Read More